Me in the Mirror

Gaps in your Resume

A friend was stressing about leaving a gap on their resume: there was a job they didn’t want to include. They thought it might look bad. After interviewing for many years I stopped asking about gaps. Most of the time the answers people give are usually things you don’t want to know about anyway: the candidate was pregnant, was seriously ill, had to take care of a sick loved one or was dealing with their death, etc. Some of these answers just complicate the process, providing you answers to questions you wouldn’t ask. (“Do you have children” is an obvious off-side question, but taking care of children is probably one of the most common reasons I saw multi-year absences in resumes.)

You only have a short amount of time in an interview to get to know someone: it feels like a waste using those minutes talking about what someone was not doing. Every question you ask should ideally provide insight into a candidates suitability for the job in question. Maybe this tangent would provide that, but I have my doubts.)