Me in the Mirror


My name is Ramanan Sivaranjan.

I work at Security Compass working on SD Elements, managing the development team. Sometimes I still program. In a previous life I did systems programming in C++. It will always be my true love. In my spare time I like to build web sites, usually using Ruby or Python.

I run the website A Funkaoshi Production. You probably want to head over there. If you play D&D, I have a full-on D&D blog called Save vs. Total Party Kill. I have also created the following sites: I Shoot Film, Random Carcosa, LotFP Summon, and Random D&D Characters.

I post photos on Flickr, short messages on Twitter, code on GitHub, videos on Vimeo and links on Pinboard.

I am married to Shima Mirkarimi. I am the father of Mythilli Ramanan.

I'm all over the Internet. Email Me!

2005/06/15 - I Love You